About AAP

The American Association of Patriots was founded in 1973 by Douglas Auburn in Slaton, Texas. Douglas formed the organization in response to an illegal raid by the county sheriff of his home so as to rob him of the thirty-four cats he kept forprotection. He recognized that the action, ordered by a town council that had become infiltrated by communist sympathizers, was part of a plot to curb the local cat population and make it easier for Vietcong-trainedspy birds to monitor his activities. He created the AAP not only to expose traitors like the council members but also rally his fellow patriots for the defense of our great country. In the years since he has worked tirelessly to defend our borders and educate our cats. The current president (or, as we like to call him, purresident) of the American Association of Patriots is his grandson, Zachary Auburn. Carrying on the work of Douglas, together they have published more than three hundred pamphlets to help guide and enlighten our nation’s cat owners and have dedicated their lives to ensuring that the cats of America are the smartest, softest, cutest, and most deadly kitties the world has ever seen.

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